Bucktail Bucktails

Baits with Premium Bucktail Skirts

The Nibble Series

With lower profile blades and bucktail, these are great for early season Muskie and for burning mid summer without your arms getting sore.

Squid Ink Pasta Mini Nibble.jpg

The Triple Crunch Series

Powder coated or polished stainless steel triple blades combined with synthetic bucktail makes this bucktail not only unique, but extremely easy to use  These are great for beginners and veteran fisherman alike.  The blades spin as soon as they hit the water and thy don't stop, making them easy to use in the figure 8 even for first time muskie fisherman.  These are built to last with solid beads, epoxied threads and powder coated or polished stainless steel blades.

Squid Ink Pasta Mini Triple Crunch.jpg

The Chomp Series

Bucktail body and a feather tail with fluted blades, this is a great bait for rolling over weedbeds.

Black Licorice Chomp.jpg