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Pricing on Munchie Munchies is in Canadian Dollars, what this means is that you are shopping from the United States, your dollar goes farther than you think.  .


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I started Muskie Munchies in 2017, and I build the largest selection of muskie inline spinners.  If you can think of it, I can build it. Muskie Munchies strives to build the best quality inline spinners available.  All of my baits are handmade from the best components.  The best part is you get the best quality lures for the same price as "the other guys"

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MUSKIE MUNCHIES IS A PROUD MEMBER OF MUSKYFREAK is an alliance of seasoned craftsmen and hobbyists across North America. The purpose of this site is for YOU as the consumer to find the best items anywhere, that aren't mass produced and made in factories overseas. Our members take pride in their creations and will work with you personally, so your buying experience is a memorable one.
This community provides an organizational framework in which builders can help one another to improve their craft, expand their visibility and provide the best products to the fishing community.
Please help support small businesses by buying direct from these builders. Share this page with friends and family.

BEST OF 2018

Thanks for using my lures in 2018!  I've built baits that I know are quality, but you don't know they will catch fish until the pictures start coming in.  Some huge fish this year on Muskie Munchies, these were the best of the best!

Moe Houwer.jpg

Last year Moe had me build him a Feast with the Halloween Candy colour pattern.  This summer it put him on the biggest fish for Muskie Munchies.

Ben 51 edited.jpg

Last year Ben caught the first fish on a Muskie Munchie, This year he caught the first big fish for Muskie Munchies on opening weekend.  This one was on the Micro Munchie, goes to show that early season it's a good idea to try downsizing.

Kyle PB.jpg

Last year Kyle had me make him a couple of Mini Feasts, this summer he lost one and had me send him a replacement, a couple days later, Kyle nailed the biggest muskie he's ever caught

Ryan 50.jpg

Ryan had an epic summer throwing Muskie Munchies with a number of fish in the 50 inch range.  He found this one on a Magic Margarita Munchie

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Do you have questions about Muskie Munchies lures?  Do you want me to build you something you don't see on this site?


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