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The Trifecta is a brand new inline spinner designed for Bass, but works excellent not only for Bass but for Pike and other species as well.  These premium plated blades start spinning instantly when they hit the water, continue to spin whether you speed it up or slow it down.  With bubble holes they create a bubble trail for the first few feet.  Finishing it off with solid beads and Mustad KVD Extra Strong Treble hook means you don't have to replace the treble with a good hook.

Trifecta V1 Black Black

  • Trifecta Version 1
    Blade - Munchies Fishing Tackle Size 5 Triple Propeller Blade
    Shaft - .052 Stainless Steel
    Beads - Solid Brass
    Hook - Mustad UltraPoint KVD Elite Triple Grip 1X Treble Hook - 2X Short Shank - Size #1
    Skirt - Silicone EZ Skirt

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