When you like to throw small baits but want it bigger and and more noisy, this might be the solution for you.  We've taken the high producing triple slurp and added a tail to make it a bit bigger and add the trigger at the back, then added a ticker on the front to make it more noisy.

Rainbow Mini Ticker Killer Triple Slurp

  • "The Killer Mini Triple Slurp"

    Blade - Size 7 Triple Propeller Blade (Powder Coated)

    Skirt - Single Tinsel Skirts

    Beads - Solid Brass Beads

    Shaft - .051" Diameter

    Bottom Hook - 5/0 Mustad 3551

    Split Rings - Wolverine Tackle #6 "Super Rings"

    Weight - 2.2 Ounces

    Length - 7.5 Inches without Tail, 11.5 inches with tail