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With a front fluted blade combined with a pair of hex blades behind it, you get a tonne of vibration that relatively easy to pull. Add a marabou and a feather tail that gives lifelike movement creates a combination that Muskie want  These are built to last with solid beads, epoxied threads and powder coated or plated blades.

Marshmallow MEGA Feast

  • "The Mega Feast"
    Top Blade - Size 5 Fluted
    Bottom Blades - Size 9 Hex Magnum
    Skirt - 3 inch coil of Marabou with feather tail
    Beads - Solid Brass Beads
    Shaft - .062" Diameter
    Top hook - 5/0 Mustad 3551 Treble
    Bottom Hook - 7/0 Mustad 3551 Treble
    Split Rings - Wolverine Tackle #6 "Super Rings"
    Weight - 3.7 Ounces
    Length - 12.5 Inches

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