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The Double 9 Oval Fluted blades pull easy compared to other 9's yet create a great vortex that causes the skirt to dance!  Great bucktail to throw all season long!

Grape Candy Fluted Munchie

  • "The Munchie"

    Blades - Size 9 Oval Fluted

    Skirt - Double Tinsel with Epoxied Threads

    Beads - Solid Brass Beads

    Shaft - .062" Diameter

    Top Hook - 5/0 Mustad 3551

    Bottom Hook - 7/0 Mustad 3551

    Split Rings - Wolverine Tackle #6 "Super Rings"

    Weight - 3.0 Ounces

    Length - 9.5 Inches

  • We all know muskie baits get used and abused, and I'm OK with that. However if a component fails due to manufacturer defect, send it to me, I'll get it fixed and send it back. If it fails due to abuse and misuse, you can still send it back, I'll still fix it for you, but there may be a fee.

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