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The double 10 is one of the most proven muskie baits on the market.  The Hex Big Killer Munchie is a little easier ot pull than standard blades and has the added the killer tail to give fish that little extra trigger that it sometimes takes to get those wise old muskie to bite.

Grape Snake Hex Big Killer Munchie

  • "The Hex Big Killer Munchie"

    Blades - Hex Magnum Size 10

    Skirt - Double Tinsel with Epoxied Threads

    Beads - Solid Brass Beads

    Shaft - .062" Diameter

    Top Hook - 5/0 Mustad 3551

    Bottom Hook - 7/0 Mustad 3551

    Split Rings - Wolverine Tackle #6 "Super Rings"

    Weight - 3.7 Ounces

    Length - 9.5 Inches without tail, 15 Inches with tail

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