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Free Shipping on Fish Symbols


ABS chrome plated fish symbol of your favorite fish, that easily sticks to the tailgate of your truck, SUV, car, boat, trailer, beer fridge, cottage wall, boathouse, garage wall, man cave, your office wall, laptop cover, tackle box and anywhere else you can think of.

This product is totally weatherproof and is designed with a strong adhesive that will remain attached under all weather conditions. Each fish symbol is 3 inches high by 7 ½ inches long and ¼ inch thick.

Fishing Symbols

  • Please read the application instructions carefully BEFORE installing.

    • Select as flat an area as possible.
    • Thoroughly clean area with a soft, clean cloth.
    • Then, clean area with an alcohol swab. Included in package.
    • Remove paper backing from symbol.
    • Carefully position symbol before sticking to surface.
    • Note: symbol cannot be adjusted once applied.


    • Heat symbol with a hair dryer on hottest setting.
    • Lift a corner of the symbol off the surface.
    • Continue to pull off while applying heat.
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