This bait is a beast!  Biggest prop blade available and a huge Marabou Skirt.  Not for the faint of heart, but if you're willing to put the effort in, it's sure to catch some huge fish!

Custom Huge Din Din

  • "The Huge Din Din"

    Blades -Size 10 Propeller Blade

    Skirt - 4 Inches of coil tied with Marabou with Feather Tail

    Beads - Solid Brass Beads

    Shaft - .062" Diameter

    Top hook - 7/0 Mustad 3551

    Bottom Hook - 7/0 Mustad 3551

    Split Rings - Wolverine Tackle #6 "Super Rings"

    Threads - Epoxied for maximum durability

    Weight - 4.1 Ounces

    Length - 13.5 Inches


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